Holy Cross Cemetery-Detroit, MI

This historic Catholic cemetery hasn’t been on my radar until recently. I was browsing in the local section of a bookstore and came across a pictorial book on this property. Being intrigued, I went for a visit this past weekend. Two main differences I realized about this place: 1) the more than usual of wonderful and elaborate statues, 2) more graves here had the small oval pictures of the buried on the tombstones. I particularly liked the small pictures because it adds a personal connection. It makes you wonder who the person was, how they lived, what they did for a living, etc.

According to the Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services website “Holy Cross Cemetery was organized about the year 1850 in what was then Springwells Township, a suburb of the City of Detroit. Over the years, property was added to the original area which is now known as Section B. The current property is at 40 acres, and Springwells Township is now part of Southwest Detroit.

Although the neighborhood has changed over the years, Holy Cross has still maintained its beauty and dignity with plantings and greenery, and many majestic family memorials, some of which are statuary in nature, but inspirational also. Many of the names on these memorials are dedicated to noted names and families of Detroit and the Downriver Community among whom are John Kronk, noted Detroit City Councilman and who gave his name to the Kronk Athletic Center in Detroit; many priests and clergy are interred here such as Fr. Joseph Dustin, CSSR, the famous banjo-playing priest of Holy Redeemer Parish; many priests from the Redemptorist Order are here; Funeral Directors such as Pinkos, Czopek, Solosy are here.”

Of course, I had some Photoshop fun with this one.

Motor City Haunted Garage 2017

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